Ergonomics is the way in which workplaces and products are designed so that they work optimally for the user and promote positive employee welfare.

Ergonomics is a comprehensive concept and covers far more than just setting an office chair to the light in the workplace. When considering your workplace health and safety and employee welfare, it’s important to consider ergonomics. When helping you choose the right office furniture, we consider the correct setting for your chairs and ideal working conditions to promote concentration and comfort.

What can The Black Office Chairs Company do for you?

We provide ergonomic office chairs Ireland. We supply office chairs for back pain or office furniture for optimal workplace comfort. Whatever you and your employees need, we’ll find something suitable.

When we deliver your products, we will spend time adjusting these ergonomically. We will consider each individual who will be using the ergonomic office chairs and ensure that the equipment is set up appropriately. We will look at the chair height, desk location, light available and individual requirements of the user. This may include recommendations of mouse and keyboard position, footrest or screen position. We can even provide office chairs with neck support for your office.

Already happy with the furniture you have? You can also request ergonomic office chair advice for your existing office equipment. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to arrange this for you.

Tips for employees and employers in the office

Below we have some tips that you should consider throughout your working day to avoid discomfort or injury in the work place.

  1. Take regular breaks and step away from your desk during these
  2. Vary your tasks throughout the day
  3. Identify simple exercises to relieve muscles and shoulders at your work place
  4. Ensure you have correct body posture to help with prolonged sitting or standing
  5. Ensure there is proper ventilation and lighting for the work place

The Dutch Practice Directive NPR 1813 and European NEN-EN 1335 standards

The purpose of the NPR is to highlight how appropriate and comfortable seating can be achieved in an office environment.

In Germany and the Netherlands, the office chair must comply with the DIN EN 1335 standard for height, depth and seat & backrest adjustability. The Dutch practice standard NPR 1813 sets even higher standards regarding office chairs and additional adjustment options are required to ensure that all employee needs are met.

Our office and meeting chairs are built in accordance with the NPR 1813 so that your employees and guests can work comfortably and experience good ergonomics.
If you’re looking for ergonomic office chairs Ireland, then get in touch today or browse our range of chairs.